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Health Information Management

Health Information Management Department is generally responsible for Registration, Documentation of cases into the Hospital Services and also serve as the custodian of Patient's records, Documentation and Registration of Patients (24hrs Service) Sorting. The department is the first and last point of call in the hospital for all patients visiting the health institution for the very first time and any subsequent visit as an out-patients. Other responsibilities include the maintenance of death and birth registers for the perusal of relevant government agencies, and keeping track of communicable diseases, according to government regulations. The major functions of a Health Information Management department are as follows:

  • Admission procedure, including patient identification and the development and maintenance of the master patient name index.
  • Discharge procedure and completion of Health records after an inpatient has Been discharged or died.
  • Coding/Indexing of diseases and operations of patients discharged.
  • Filing of patient health records in the Library.
  • Evaluation of the medical record service.
  • Compilation of monthly, Quarterly and annual statistics of in-patient and out-patient in the hospital.
  • Medico-legal issues relating to the release of patient information and other legal matters.

Therefore, Health information managers (HIM) organize, oversee, and protect patient health information data which includes symptoms, diagnoses, medical histories, test results, and procedures. Also, the department responsibilities is not limited to documentation but also deals with the collection of health care data at all levels of different specialist clinics/clinics within the hospital and compilation of statistic for administrative use and medical research. The core objectives of Health Information Management Department is to educate and prepare professionals with knowledge needed to ensure accessibility, accuracy, availability, integrity, and security of patient health information by initiating the process and managed the patient's Health Information/health records from out-patient to the point of discharge.

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