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Chairman Servicom
  • Prof. Buba Faruk

Management Staff
  • Dr Mohammed Baba Aji
  • Mahmood Ibrahim Sajoh
  • Adamu Ibrahim Abbo

SERVICOM has pursued a strategy of making service delivery & vibrant subject of discourse with the aim to raise citizen awareness of the significant of service delivery in their lines and encourage them to recognise and assert their rights to satisfactory service delivery. The UMTH Servicom unit headed by Prof. Buba Faruk resolved to provide efficient and effective service delivery in the hospital and therefore endeavour to:

  • Provide efficient, timely and quality health care services to all patient
  • To act with honesty and integrity not compromising the truth
  • We accept our individual and team responsibilities.
  • We are committed to service that impact lives of citizen
  • When you experience service failure, complain as soon as possible, so that things can be t right. The sooner you complain, the sooner something can be done about it.
  • All our suggestion and complain are welcome.
  • Please note that it is our duty to deliver service according government policies We handle complain about service failure, we do not handle Criticisms about government policies
Vision and Mission

VISION: UMTH has the same vision with FMOH i.e reduce the morbidity and mortality due to communicable diseases to the bearest minimum, reverse the increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases, meet the global target on the elimination and eradication of the diseases, and significantly increase the life expectancy and quality life of Nigerians

MISSION: To provide curative and preventive health care though outreach, training in an efficient and effective manner using motivated and valued staff and modern technology.

Patient Access to the Hospital

New Patient

  • Patient goes to the medical record to be registered on the computer and hospital.
  • Patient will then go to the cashier to get invoice and go to the bank to pay 1000 for new patient adult and 500 for paediatrics.
  • Patient will now go to nurse or triage and vitals sign.
  • Follow up patient goes to the medical record to be sent to various clinics for consultation after payment of 150

Beside the normal patient flows thought the GOPD and accident and emergency, patient are also received as referrals via specialist clinics. Non clirnical services such as finance, engineering, medical and social welfare, fire service, laundry, tailoring catering ambulance, and patient tarns patient and rendered daily.

  • Customer Obligations
    • Be fully acquainted with the service charter of the hospital
    • Follow all approved procedures for obtaining any required services.
    • Pay prescribed fees and obtained receipts.
    • Make enquires in a courteous manner
    • Follow any combination of complaints contained in the one of a procedures charter of the hospital.
    • Avoid the use of verbal or physical abuse on any staff of the hospital
    • Patients necessary laboratory investigation, abide by the prescription of Doctors and ensure that they come and attend all follow-up appointment.
  • Complains/Grievance Mechanism
    • Tell the SERVICOM Marshall or the Desk/Reception at GOPD
    • Tell the Officer at the complaint Desk office
    • report at the complaint Desk of the Service Window.
    • Call customer care on 08024480865
    • Report to the Nodal Officer directly

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